Cigre Session Paris 2024

Hovedsesjonen i Paris 2024 arrangeres som fysisk konferanse inkludert en stor utstilling.

Tidspunkt: 25.-30.08.2024

Sessions papers

The papers to the main session must relate to the Preferential Subjects formulated by each study committee; Call for paper 

The papers must first be submitted to the Norwegian Cigre Committee for quality assurance. The papers are then sent to the conference from the national committee as Norwegian papers.

The conference session in Paris is based on questions posed by the Special Reporter that any participants can answer and this is called a Contribution. The deadline for submitting Contributions is August 10, but spontaneous Contributions may also be accepted. Typically, the paper author formulate Contributions based on reported findings, alternatively others with experience in the field contribute. The Contributions are short and should be to the point.  There is also a well-visited poster session for the papers.

Read more about the evaluation process here: Les mer 

Call for papers for the Session in 2024 has been sent out to all Norwegian CIGRE members. The first draft of synopses must be in the hands of the board by 04/06/2023. This is sent to Full paper deadline is February 6, 2024.